Over 25 years we have found that the landscaping and irrigation field has changed. Many companies now outsource or subcontract irrigation services for clients resulting in clients not sure on what when and how works are being completed.
We know the importance of delivering a service and a product to our clients that we can guarantee works and that we have installed ourselves. By employing our own qualified irrigation technicians and not landscapers installing the irrigation as they go we have eliminated any miscommunication, confusion or poor workmanship between client – sub contractor and landscape company,
This has enabled us to be able to install your irrigation system once, Install it right, and make sure we are available for you if it ever needs service or repair.


Our company has continued to grow over 25 years while over 85% of other irrigation contractors fail within their first 5 years of business.


Our irrigation team are fully trained and experienced
We use only the highest commercial grade products available.for all of our quality installations and service repairs..


Service is the most important part of any business. We have a 24 hour on call responce team to take you rcalls. Our team are prompt and efficient, polite and will leave you knowing everything you need to know about your irrigation system.

We do it once / We do it right / We don’t leave until you know how to use it.


Taking into account the plants, turf, soil and climate conditions our design team will design your system for lasting satisfaction and a greener space.


We offer our customers total commitment to professionalism, honesty and quality workmanship.


Our installation team have over 20 years of experience, an efficient technical approach and equipment that allows us to install the highest quality irrigation systems you require.
Maintenance & Repair
Our team can service any system you have even if its a system previously installed by someone else..We can keep your system watering efficiently and repair it if it fails. We can advise you on repairs or any upgrades that may be of benefit. Our team will check and replace any broken sprinkler heads locate and repair broken or leaking pipes, or simply run and test the system while making minor adjustments. .

Residential – Commerical – Industrial

Irrigation Solutions specializes in designing, installing and maintaining water-saving in-ground sprinkler irrigation systems that help protect your landscaping asset, including garden and turf areas.