We have been involved with the landscaping industry for over 25 years and specialise in providing landscape and grounds Irrigation Solutions to commercial and private clients Australia wide. We offer Irrigation design, regular maintenance services, solid workmanship and the highest level of customer service.


Our installation team have over 20 years of experience, an efficient technical approach and equipment that allows us to install the highest quality irrigation systems you require.


Taking into account the plants, turf, soil and climate conditions our design team will design your system for lasting satisfaction and a greener space.

Residential – Commercial

Irrigation Solutions specializes in designing, installing and maintaining water-saving in-ground sprinkler irrigation systems that help protect your landscaping asset, including garden and turf areas.

Irrigation for Turf areas
Pop up sprinklers that retract into the ground can be operated as a full or part circle spray. These Pop up systems are installed flush with finished ground level complete with adjustable swing arms for height adjustment and leveling. Sprinklers are located to maximize area coverage and minimize overspray.

Drip Irrigation for Gardens
Drip irrigation is simply a Tube with built in drippers. These are installed along the top of your garden soil before you add you mulch and Turf. Drip lines are pegged down with metal stakes. Drip line is installed around plants in your garden at average spacings of between 30cm- 60cm apart for ideal coverage and efficient watering.

Controllers / Battery or Electrical
Automatic Irrigation Systems are controlled by 2 methods. Where power is available an electronic controller can be plugged into the power outlet for the sole use of the irrigation system. Where power is not available a Battery controller can be installed directly to the outside tap in your garden or lawn areas.

Solenoid Valves
Irrigation Systems are split up into zones to allow irrigation to run efficiently and at individual times throughout the day and night. Each zone is controlled by a 24volt solenoid valve installed in valve boxes under the ground for easy future locating and access.

Backflow Devices
Where water is obtained from a mains connection point an approved backflow prevention device has to be installed. This backflow device must comply with Sydney Water Board Regulations This device prevents the contamination of the house hold drinking supply

Rain Sensors
Rain sensors are a shut-off device that can be installed at a high point in your garden so that in the case of rainfall the system will turn off automatically.


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